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Coney Hatch - Postcard From Germany (Turquoise Vinyl)

Coney Hatch - Postcard From Germany (Turquoise Vinyl)

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That is what fans said when Anthem Records announced the release of "Postcard From Germany" from Coney Hatch on vinyl for the first time ever! Not only is this the first pressing of the band's live set from the HEAT Festival in Ludwigsburg but the record itself is turquoise! 

Also included in the double vinyl release is two studio versions of "It's About A Girl" and "Heaven's on the Other Side". 

Side A:
1. It's About A Girl (Studio)
2. Heaven's on the Other Side (Studio)
3. We Got The Night - Live
4. Stand Up - Live
5. Blown Away - Live

Side B:
6. Boys Club - Live
7. She's Gone - Live
8. This Ain't Love - Live

Side C:
9. Wrong Side of Town - Live
10. Girl from Last Night's Dream - Live
11. Fantasy - Live
12. Fallen Angel - Live

Side D:
13. Don't Say Make Me - Live
14. Devil's Deck - Live
15. Monkey Bars - Live

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